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the early years

Bonnie’s interest in art began in elementary school with a scratch art project. She was intrigued and hooked for life. Her first solo exhibit was as a senior in high school. Through the years after receiving her BFA from Eastern Michigan University, Bonnie exhibited her work throughout Michigan and Washington, receiving many awards along the way. During her years of involvement in yoga and meditation, The Chakra Dancer series and the Expressions of Awakening Series were born.

Bonnie Herman Zachary, Artist

The ebb and flow of Bonnie’s artistic evolution continue … for the past 10 years; Bonnie has been putting all her energy toward growing the family business, marketing her prints, traveling, and focusing on her family. The studio work was put on hold. However, her dreams and visions of paintings never stopped, and not surprisingly, the artistic floodgates have burst open againHer one-of-a-kind mixed media creations started in the fall of 2017.

Bonnie calls them wall jewelry.

Artist Bonnie Herman Zachary -